Waldorf Lector - October 24, 2018

[Download File]  Robot voices, whispering strings, talking drum, ...

Robot voices, whispering strings, talking drum, rhythmic pads, the resonant sound of bells, dripping water: the possibilities are endless. With a quick adjustment here and there, the reader converts any incoming signal sounds and new effects. Extremely versatile, the Reader puts in your hands a set of sonic tools for a wide range of different applications. Almost anything goes, from distorting the human voice to add subtle harmonies to the lead vocals and get creative with the soundtracks of the movies.

The analysis filter bank splits the incoming audio signal in frequency bands up to 100, which modulates intensity levels volume of an equal number of bandpass filters in the synthesis filter bank. 16 voices integrated or external source provides the input signal to the synthesis filter bank synthesizer. This lets you do fun things like apply a line of melody or a chord sequence to articulate voices or voice.

When we set out to develop the reader, we looked long and carefully what it takes to make a powerful vocoder tic. This is why you will find the ergonomic user interface and some special features unusual parameters that allow you to adjust even the smallest details. Legendary Waldorf multimode filter with a slope of 12dB or 24dB has a prominent place. Also you gain whitening whitening filter the signal before the color vocoder. This is very useful when procesas chorus and voice samples. A three-band equalizer serves to increase and cut frequencies of the signal generated to be focused.

The synthesizer has 16 voices integrated two oscillators with analog waveforms par excellence as sine, triangle, sawtooth and square with variable pulse width, sample and hold and noise as well as individual samples and multi freely loadable samples. FM modulation and enriches ring signal vocoder more harmonic spectrums. Reader also offers a selection of typical effects used to refine vocoder signals: tube overdrive, distortion transistor and cut hard, chorus / flanger six voices, synced stereo delay and realistic reverb.




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