Vengeance Producer Suite - October 24, 2018

  Meet our new alpha and omega of synthesis: Vengeance Producer S...


Meet our new alpha and omega of synthesis: Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger is here! The most versatile and best sound you’ve ever found synthesizer. There is nothing that VPS Avenger can not do, offers tons of features and a huge growing library of some of the best sound designers of this planet.

VST / PC and Intel Mac VST / AU and AAX: runs on all supported hosts
standard 64 – bit and VST3 (64 bits are required!)
More than 900 factory presets
620 multisamples
218 special samples (attacks, noise).
154 waves resampling
168 Drumkits, 168 drumsequences
596 wavetables
myriad ways OSC (waveforms) available
30 types of effects (incl. Analog Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, etc. ArtsAcoustic)
47 filter types
to 1000 oscs game , a single note
generator resampling / wavetable built
OSC freely. Draw your own waveforms
alias without OSC, Wavetables, FM and AM modulation
Powerful and easy mod matrix drag and drop
vectorized GUI resizable (4k ready)
Undo feature
comfortable system preset search / tag cloud
8 arps, drum sequencer, 8 square steps 18 envelope generators
16 sub outs individually routable DAW mixer
macro drivers assigned in each preset, for quick sound changes
drivers and support external midi pedal
Fx free routable buses and send effects.
Customizable LFOs, 4 modules shaper (distortion units in the OSC level)
many features of Unisono: Chorder and our own invented “V-Saw” Supersaw
key and velocity zones
import your own (multiple) samples, batteries, wavetables or waveforms OSC
function MIDI learning (connect your external MIDI device with Avenger)

Installation note:
• 1. Add the host:
• 2. Install Avenger 1.2.2.
• 3. Open the DAW application and start Avenger; followed by a license application, download folder licenses and close the DAW application.
• 4. Then follow the User / username / Library / Application Support / Vengeance / VPS Avenger route and configure protection properties AVGR.license file.
• 5. Create in the same location (User / username / Library / Application Support / Vengeance / VPS Avenger) a folder with the name “expansions” (without quotation marks) and copy the contents of the image on expansions.dmg
  is RECOMMENDED completely block internet access Avenger using special utilities. 
    In my case, only a week has been working with the steering lock through the host.




Thank you so much!

Factory library missing.. Cant get working. Any help?

I got the factory content (expansions.dmg) to finally show up by un-zipping with different programs (Unacrhriver worked in my case) until one finally extracted everything. I clicked on all four zip files at once. Not sure why the other unarchiver’s didn’t work.

Hey everyone, I just tried to install it. First attempt without host, worked for a bit. When I duplicated channel in ableton, i got license invalid. I tried and to reopen DAW but nothing. Deleted everything and started from beginning. When I install it , it says UPADTE in VST AU VST4 AXX. I deleted everything, Vengeance folder from library and all components and VST. License deleted as well. Even following the steps with host, doesn’t work. I’m currently using ableton 10.0.1 and IOS MOJAVE.

Okei PJ, thanks. I didnt get work that way, i use Keka for unzipping. I download factory content from other places and finally get working.

@ luca + others –– What do you expect from Warez sites, a full customer Support or what??
UNVERIFIED contents aren’t coming from trusted sources.

What do you mean? It worked for some people, what’s Warez?

Got it up and running but all the files in the “settings” folders are empty. So there are no presets for the arp, step sequencer, fx, etc… Am I missing something?

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