Vallum 2.3 (Includes Murus 1.4.10)2.0.0 - November 1, 2018

Vallum 2.3 (Includes Murus 1.4.10) | Mac OS X | 86.3 MB. Vallum is a.....

Vallum 2.3 (Includes Murus 1.4.10) | Mac OS X | 86.3 MB.

Vallum is a small tool that helps you monitor application connections. It is capable of intercepting connections and maintain applications while you decide whether to pass or block.

Vallum interface is very simple and is based on icons. Its default setting is non-intrusive, requires no interaction or knowledge or skills network. Simply drag an application icon from the Finder to the main window Vallum to lock. To change the attitude of Vallum and the level of interaction you just have to play with the few options available. Strategies Vallum settings let you choose from a list of predefined firewall configuration settings.

Vallum is not intrusive, it runs as menu item on MacOS menu bar near the clock. Also respects your privacy: do not connect house to verify the license does not require any online activation.
Playing with firewalls

Vallum can be used by all. You can create a set of simple non-interactive rules in two minutes by dragging and dropping icons of applications, then run it and forget Vallum, and use it only occasionally to check the records. Or you can create and maintain a complex interactive set, temporary rules, jails, mixed rules, notification alerts.

Vallum works at the application level but is also able to interact with the PF packet filter integrated macOS to issue rules at the network level. This is accomplished by interacting with Murus, a front of PF for MacOS.

Murus and interaction Vallum is deeper as it can exchange IP addresses and groups between the two applications.


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