Undistracted - November 1, 2018

Undistracted 1.7.2 | Mac OS X | 6.2 MB. Turn all with one click. There...

Undistracted 1.7.2 | Mac OS X | 6.2 MB.

Turn all with one click.
There are many things that will distract your screen: amazing amount of icons, dock with dozens of notices and an ocean of inactive applications. Information noise is annoying and interrupts work. Just one click and without distractions all unnecessary application goes out and helps you focus on more important things.

Unlike other applications (HazeOver, StayFocused, blind) that perform a single task (shade windows, hide icons on the desktop) without distraction removes all distracting factors “with one click”.

Do you work with dozens of open tabs? Are there too many of them to concentrate? Undistracted can mimic all windows except the active one . Fine adjustment allows you to choose the level of shadows. Now, only the essentials remain right in front of your eyes. Nothing will interfere more with you.

Many icons on the desktop, messy, really can affect the workflow by having too many things to look at .
Establishes messengers mode “do not disturb” removes all unwanted screen and try to eliminate all other factors distracting elements in a single click, helping to focus and work efficiently.

Through menulet distraction status bar, you can choose to hide the Dock, menu bar and desktop icons, changes to the menu bar and dock dark. The same menu lets you toggle on the “focus mode” which dims out all the windows of inactive applications present on the Mac desktop. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted by various bits of input information.


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