Turnover 1.602.0.0 - October 24, 2018

[Download File]  Turnover is a puncher BPM with all functions. M...

Turnover is a puncher BPM with all functions. Make your way through your entire iTunes music library with amazing speed, or play the songs as they arise with minimal disruption to your workflow. Let Turnover help you generate playlists on specific BPM ranges for fixed tempo workouts, including playlists 180 steps per minute for efficient execution.

– Optionally ignore BPM values estimated by the software analysis times
– Rules to manage playlists
– Various reporting mechanisms, including Growl
– Customizable keyboard shortcuts for operation without mouse
– Immediate error detection tapping, you never need to wait or “reboot” tapping
– Several sounds of “playing” musical instruments to choose




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