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[Download File]Tower 3.4.2 | 31.9 MB   Tower is a Git client for...

Tower 3.4.2 | 31.9 MB


Tower is a Git client for OS X that makes using Git easy and more efficient. Users benefit from its elegant and comprehensive interface and a feature set that lets them enjoy the full power of Git.

Tower abstracts Git’s complexity in an easy-to-use interface. For example, lots of actions can be performed simply via drag-and-drop, and mistakes can be undone easily. Advanced users can increase their productivity with features like single line staging, submodule support, or the file history.

Version 3.4.2:

OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor



Previous version

  • git-svn support
  • File history
  • git-flow support
  • Submodule support
  • git-lfs support
  • Blame view
  • Single-line staging (per-line committing)
  • Cherry-picking
  • Discard chunks/lines
  • Direct Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, GitSwarm, Beanstalk, Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server and Rhodecode integration
  • Support for Bitbucket team accounts
  • Support for full-screen and Retina displays
  • Many powerful drag-and-drop features include merge, rebase, push /pull to/from remote, apply stash, create new branch, etc.
  • App Notarization: Tower builds are now signed using the “Apple notary service”, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Better License Information: Opening the “License…” dialog from the main menu now provides more information about your license.
  • Default Avatar for User Profile: In our new “User Profiles”, we now also show a “default” avatar image if none is connected with the entered email address.
  • Group Repositories in Services View: For users with multiple GitLab accounts, it could happen that a repository was listed under the wrong account / group.
  • Commit Message Editing: When editing a commit message and starting it with a “#” character, Tower wasn’t always able to correctly save the message.
  • Reflog Crash: On older macOS versions, opening an item from the “Reflog” could result in a crash.

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