TotalFinder - November 1, 2018

[Download File]TotalFinder 1.11.3 | Mac OS X | 6 MB.    Tabs a...

TotalFinder 1.11.3 | Mac OS X | 6 MB. 


Tabs and more to Finder .
The TotalFinder application offers outstanding performance, an easy to use, compact and does not require a reboot of the system after installation. The list of enhancements also includes additional tools for customers in the collection of files. The program allows the user to quickly get rid file format .DS_Store accumulated on the hard disk. Updated TotalFinder also lets you hide or show invisible files, and a new Explorer window can now be opened at any time using the “hot” keys and much more.
Tab – based interface
Say goodbye to scattered and disorganized Finder windows. TotalFinder combines everything in a table – based and user-friendly design.
Access to the entire system
with TotalFinder, comfort is key: with the stroke of a hotkey, is instantly available throughout the system.
Useful settings
The Folder function on top of TotalFinder leads organizing files to a new level. Simply click on the option in the Preferences menu and very necessary folders will automatically be prioritized in each window.
Reduce clutter
macOS Finder has a bad habit of cluttering your system files hidden attribute. TotalFinder emphasizes clean, removing unnecessary files and freeing up valuable storage space.




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