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Things 3.1.4 | Mac OS X | 14.5 MB. Elegant solution to implement GTD. ...

Things 3.1.4 | Mac OS X | 14.5 MB.

Elegant solution to implement GTD.
Things adds to the list of task managers based on the popular GTD (Getting Things Done).

This time, Things offers simple, elegant, comfortable to use, and you can centralize your information and organize it according to GTD interface: tasks for today, upcoming tasks, scheduled someday and projects in general.
Things you can move with your information Things to iCal and your iPhone device to take your tasks always on top.
A simple but practical tool with which you will improve your results in spending less time on your tasks.
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Note: Now OS X 10.11 or later is required.

All new design:
how it looks, how it works and how you feel – Things have been completely redesigned, with more clarity, better workflow, better structure and enchanting animations. It is a task list like no other.

Headings of the project:
It is much easier to manage your projects now that can break headers. Use them to create categories, milestones, or whatever it takes – just give everyone a name and drag its tasks below. Instantly you have a nice and clean structure for your list, and the plan becomes perfectly clear.

Some things take several steps to complete, but do not require a complete project. You can now use checklists to break down the finer details of a task. Use them for shopping lists, to pack your bag for a trip, or to detail a process at work so you do not miss a critical step.

Calendar Integration:
Shows calendar events with your outstanding tasks and keep up with your schedule. They will appear at the top of your list today and every day for the next, where planning the week ahead.

Plan your day – with today and this evening:
Once you have made your plan, today’s list is the place to go for all daily activities. Calendar events are now displayed at the top, giving an outline of its programming. Your to-dos follow a discrete section at the bottom called tonight for the things you’ll get to later in the day.

Plan your week – With Next:
Plan your next week with the new list of upcoming. It shows everything that is on your agenda for the next day: pending scheduled tasks, repeat pending tasks, deadlines and calendar events. A quick look at this list is all it takes to stay on top of your schedule.

When Selector:
Working with dates is easy with the new selector. Use it to quickly put the remaining tasks on your list today, schedule them for later or put them on hold someday.

Natural Language Recognition:
The Selector has a magic ingredient: natural language recognition. Intelligently detects what you’re typing to solve what you mean … “Tom (orrow)”, “Sat (Urday)”, “in fou (r days)”, “Au (run 1)”. As you can see, all the right jumps to conclusions.

One of the most requested features of Things is now here: time – based reminders! You can add a reminder writing (natural language recognition), or just talk to Siri. For those to-dos that absolutely can not miss, reminders will give you peace of mind.

Travel Type:
The search and navigation Things is now extremely fast, with Type Travel. All you need to do is start writing – the name of a list, task or label – and instantly take you there. Is magic!

App Filters label-Wide:
Just start typing the name of any label to open a filter for the entire application. It displays all items with that label on all your projects and areas. It is a fantastically versatile way to see your pending tasks.

The new sidebar:
The sidebar projects are now nested under areas to keep everything tidy. Each has a new progress indicator to show how close it is to achieve its goal.

Delgado mode:
Tighten your sidebar with a swipe of two fingers to cut out distractions and focus on your work. This is great when you’re working in Split View, or if you just need more space on your screen.

Multiple windows:
You can now open multiple projects in their own windows and drag two things from one place to another to organize them easily. Or use them on multiple screens, desktop spaces or divided views, which fits your personal workflow.


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