TextSoap - November 1, 2018

[Download File]TextSoap 8.4.4 | Mac OS X | 15 MB. Arranges copied text...

TextSoap 8.4.4 | Mac OS X | 15 MB.

Arranges copied text format.
Although at first glance it may seem a program of dubious utility, we just have to remember how many times we have found ourselves with the problem wasting more time cleaning or unwanted text previously submitted to the famous copy and paste strange characters, that if we had copied hand.

Fresh interface
TextSoap has a fresh new interface. We shed all the “chrome” to focus on your content, if you are working with text, or building custom cleaning products.

Enhanced Text Editor
TextSoap focuses on word processing, but sometimes a text editor is also needed. It includes large new options such as display line numbers and be able to toggle the setting lines.

Cleaners built
TextSoap offers a large collection of more than 100 integrated cleaners. These cleaners can solve your problem text completely or serve as basic elements for a processing solution customized text.

Live text correspondence
correspondence live text is ideal for testing regular expressions. As you type a valid expression, displays all text matches. See exactly how parties appear.

Import and export expansion
Share cleaners means that it is easier to create solutions to others, or use solutions that others have created. The new library files allow export multiple cleaners within a single file.

New editor Custom Cleaner
Sometimes the problem requires specific text customize the solution. The powerful new editor comes to the rescue customized cleaning, all with a simple drag and drop approach.

Color – coded shares
Shares color coded facilitate the search for a definition of customized cleaning and understand what actions are doing what.

Syntax syntax Regex
Regular expressions are a powerful way to find text. The new syntax highlighting helps you better understand these expressions. And the new validator expressions makes it easier than ever to detect possible errors.

What’s New in 8.3.4:
Fixed issue that prevented the use of some function keys as shortcuts cleaner action.

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