SuperTab - November 1, 2018

SuperTab 3.0 Size:8.53 MB SuperTab allows you to fully customize the M...

SuperTab 3.0
Size:8.53 MB

SuperTab allows you to fully customize the Mac’s built- in Command-Tab app switcher. Before SuperTab, the app switcher only gave you access to your currently active apps. With SuperTab installed, you now have access to a whole lot more when pressing Command-Tab, such as:

Active apps
Recent apps
Recent documents
Dock items
Folder contents
Application windows
Any files, folders or applications
Calendar Items
Dropbox items
Clipboard history
Multiple clipboards
Customizable screen shots
Web site shortcuts
Tagged items
Finder sidebar items
Saved spotlight searches
Display configurations
SuperTab also gives you powerful control over your applications by allowing you to configure any application to automatically:

Open itself to ensure it is running when users need it: during work hours, week days, week day evenings, weekend days or all the time.
Hide itself after it has been in the background for a user-selected time period.
Quit itself after it has been idle for a user-selected time period.
Prevent System Sleep or Screen Saver activation when it is the foreground application.
There’s a lot more too!

Assign custom hot keys to any file, folder or app — as well as to many actions within SuperTab.
Preview Text, Image and PDF file contents directly within SuperTab.
Drill down into folders to access virtually any file or folder with ease.
What’s New

Version 3.0:
Now access your upcoming calendar events right in the app switcher
Most Requested Feature: Items now can overlay their name on top of their icons
Multiple Monitor Support: Now show SuperTab’s enhanced app switcher on any monitor
Access application windows by recent use or grouped by application



SN# does not work here

Ok, there is an “s” at the end of the included serial… just delete it!

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