Superstring Pro - November 1, 2018

Superstring Pro 2.9.4 | Mac OS X | 68.9 MB. Superstring is a Mac appli...

Superstring Pro 2.9.4 | Mac OS X | 68.9 MB.

Superstring is a Mac application that lets you create your own lyric videos. It has never been easier to make video letters.

How does it work.
• Select a song Select and drag a song you want to create a video poetry in Superstring.
• Enter Lyrics: Enter letters and align them time dragging. You can change styles, fonts, and text to customize.
• Add background: Add images as background. You can also customize background styles, colors and more.
• Export and share: can export your video letters as a file that can be uploaded to YouTube. Share it with the world!

Express your music visually.
• Create a lyric video it is as easy as drag and drop.
• The Superstring innovative interface lets you start and begin editing in seconds. It has never been easier to create a lyric video.

Everything in its place.
• A simple and intuitive interface puts all the right places at all the right tools. What it makes it easy to choose a look and customize texts, backgrounds and effects.

Share your lyric video with the world.
• You can export your video lyric as a “.mp4” file you can upload to YouTube
• You can also export data as .superstring Superstring file that you can share with other users.


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