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The Ultimate Audio-Mangler Keep it simple! Turnado comes with eight ...

The Ultimate Audio-Mangler
Keep it simple! Turnado comes with eight knobs, each firing a varying effect and its dial. Invites you to play and experiment with one or more effects. Customize 24 effects in expert mode. If you want even more compact: the dictator mode, you can control 8 effects simultaneously with a single fader.


Reinterpreting existing material
Describe Turnado processor as a multi may not capture the essence of what is. You can use the reverb and delay in a subtle way, but what makes it very different from a conventional multi – effects unit is the combination of types of available effects and control options in real time.

The GUI is free of clutter with bright, clean graphics. Open it, and instantly understand the concept.
Turnado is rock solid and light in the CPU, if plans to use in a live or, for example, a dozen instances simultaneously.

Maximum transparency with the fewest possible controls
As an adjunct in the studio or on stage, Turnado prove to be a surprisingly versatile tool, while its operation is based on a minimum of controls.

If you’re not an octopus, the “dictator” is probably a feature of interest: This fader provides a unique way to control multiple knobs with only one slide. Here you can configure for each command, when and how much spin.
Of course, you can automate all controls Turnado. Or, if you are looking for a more natural approach, remote control via MIDI.

Building the best live production system Beardyman
No Beardyman could do what he dreamed of doing: the technology simply could not meet their demands. To carry out their sets in the way he wanted, he spent six years and $ 30,000 building a complex configuration Live: Beardytron 5000 mkII.

For Beardyman, the name of the game is able to control things like high pass filtering and low accumulations and falls, and silence and detune channels in real time with only two hands: “Without Turnado, there literally would not be my way to do it. ”

Turnado is deep if you choose to dive deeper
When you open one of the panels editing effects, quickly begins to realize how powerful it really is Turnado. With the ability to modify five different parameters, the degree of control available is staggering.

Each of these five knobs can be linked to the main screen knob, That’s what gives them the magic! If you also want some automation handsfree, each slot has two LFO / step sequencers and an envelope follower that can be used to modulate. These can be assigned to any effect parameter.

The art of routing
There are two options when it comes to routing the signal through the effects go through each series (from bank 8/1) or flow mode dynamic signal, which follows the order that is activated each effect.
Set the order of effects is an art in itself, and the ability to swap effects by dragging lets you listen to another quickly how a different order can have a dramatic effect on the overall sound.
This can also be useful if, for example, always want a reverb is the latest in a string, regardless of when it is active.

  • Silver Bullet audio manipulation
  • 24 effects on 8 slots
  • Classic: delay, reverb, amp, filter
  • Hi-Tech: Modulating, Transformation, Loops and DJ
  • Modulation LFO through 2 and Step Sequencer
  • Dynamic signal flow
  • dictator mode
  • NKS support for Komplete Kontrol and Maschine


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