Sugar Bytes Factory - October 24, 2018

Try the power of the liquid modular synthesizer modular complex and or...

Try the power of the liquid modular
synthesizer modular complex and organic sounds. Choose from the more particular synthesis methods, be captivated by the matrix and move between the most improbable variations of sound. Four sequencers are pulling the strings behind the curtain. Factory is a polyphonic supersonica!

Develop your sound with minimal effort! 
The two oscillators are tonal mineral and each of its different modes 10 is an instrument itself. In addition to VA-Sync without aliasing oscillators and fractals, actually we boarded wavetable, FM and waveguide. Transformer also raise the complex of Cyclop tool and become polifónica: Feed your samples oscillators!

Factory opens new paths to creative sound design, so it’s more than just another instrument. Generative and lasting sounds are a cinch, as well as direct under the rhythm.

Give him a chance to Factory combines what no one else has even combined! 
Features galore. Envelopes loop oneshot LFO, bipolar sequencers, Sample and Hold bringing it to the top. It would be pointless to list everything here, but you need to be there and sound right where it belongs.
4 sequencers factory are the secret force in the background. They can shoot envelopes, LFO or Arp. Or evokes the intricate rhythms and triplets trite, aimless sweeps …

Arpiculation is arpeggiator and intonation. 
All life is imperfect, but infinitely complex in its beauty. Organic envelopes tone, slight fluctuation of tone pitch quantization combination with a thin flake. The arpeggiator as the hydra data Factory, triggered by God knows what and selection of voice through the matrix.

The “sound exchange”. Next level …
Route 8 sources 10 goals makes us happy. No matrix plug retro, mod bipolar amounts do work. Modulable. Morphable.
And then there ‘s the random button, a visual feast, blurring his vision for a moment or two. Section twerk with his antics. Do things with 36 modulation targets. A must have these days.

Start the crossfader from a difficult pace to some soft chords. 
Transform sound into another, this is something contemporary. Set start and end, then perform a crossfade to the most attractive progesiones. Each shift position can be determined as a new starting point.

Sample + Hold: 36 curves with multi shot sails off boredom. Here comes the synthesizer. It all started with a small matrix and this. Shoot from anywhere and displays a value elsewhere. Quantify the result and put a delay on it!

  • Poly Synth with Mod-Matrix and Sequencers
  • Oscillators engines 2×10
  • Sub-oscillator with Ringmodulation
  • Noise generator with 5 colors
  • Mod 8×10 matrix with 36 goals
  • Morph Fader, 2 States and Copy / Paste
  • Sample & Hold Module
  • Synopsis VA-Sync, wavetable, and Fractal Waveguide Synthesis of 8 voices

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