SoundCues – GuitarMonics Collection [KONTAKT]2.0.0 - July 1, 2019

[Download File]SoundCues – GuitarMonics Collection [KONTAKT] | 7...

SoundCues – GuitarMonics Collection [KONTAKT] | 7.40 GB


GuitarMonics Collection is the bundle of all three virtual instruments in the GuitarMonics line for the Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24+ software sampler (full version, not the free Kontakt Player). This bundle offers a comprehensive collection of guitar harmonics of every type, covered by 3 dynamic layers, 5x round robin playback, and 3 pickup selections to alter the tone (electric and bass only). Mono DI (direct-input recording, for use with amplifier simulation software / hardware) and clean stereo AMP versions are included (electric and bass only), for maximum flexibility.

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