ReSample - October 24, 2018

Name: ReSample Version: 1.1.0 Size: 17.35 MB Mac Platform: Intel Inclu...

Name: ReSample
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 17.35 MB
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.7+
Processor type(s) & speed: x64
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

Version 1.1.0 Release Notes:
New features:

New function: Batch (Multi-core supported). ReSample’s Batch allows you to add and configure any Export, Normalize or Processor job.
New function: Normalize. It can normalize an entire audio file with removing DC offset option;
Amplification processor: Added Link option;

Major bug fixes:

General: Fixed the “Internet unreachable” issue during Demo verification and Activation on some Mac machines;
General: Fixed FLAC audio files writing and reading bugs that could cause crash;
General: Significantly improved alert/pop-up window shwoing when reporting errors on Windows, where they used to be hidden behind other windows and block the whole UI;
General: Fixed the audio playback issue where a user changes audio settings during playback;
General: Refined save/discard ask on quit;

Minor bug fixes:

General: Fixed potential crash risks in Waveform Overview and Metadata View;
General: Fixed UI not updating issue when a file is exported with a different channels setting;
General: Fixed playhead input box rounding issue where the last digit might be rounded down;
Processor: Fixed Fade and Amplification enablement issue (now only working within selection range);
Processor: Fixed potential crash risks in multiple processor UIs.

An intuitive audio editor featuring waveform display and multiple tools for altering a song, with additional recording options and a built-in equalizer. Designed to provide a comprehensive audio editing toolbox, ReSample can analyze and alter different types of audio files. With a stylish and very well-organized interface, it delivers a carefully-thought set of features that concur to enhance the way your songs sound.

A waveform viewer and quick content altering for the input audio files
Most of the main window is occupied by the waveform viewer. You start by opening a file or creating a new one, with a custom sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels.

Thanks to the built-in audio player, you can listen to a song before and after modifications are made. What is interesting is that ReSample enables you to operate any changes directly on the waveform of the audio file.

One of the most frequent tasks is to remove unneeded content, such as ads, from the song. You can achieve this by selecting the desired section and using the dedicated options in the context menu. It’s also possible to add new content to a song, all thanks to the built-in audio recorder. Just click on the area where you want the recorder to start, press the ‘Record’ button and use the microphone to capture sound and place it directly within the waveform.

A desirable tool collection for audio processing
One of the highlights of ReSample stands in the generous collection of audio processing tools. It allows sample rate/depth conversion, audio normalization and features amplification and fading tools.

Thanks to the integrated equalizer, you can experiment with different parameters to decide which configuration is the best. To make things easier, ReSample comes with a set of presets you can use if you don’t want to put yourself to the trouble of creating a custom one.

ReSample allows multiband compression, and delivers pitch correction, quick voice removal, and noise reduction. Also, it features a built-in oscilloscope, a spectrum viewer, a loudness meter, and a phasescope.

Your own personal audio processing studio
The powerful audio processors of ReSample are among its strong points. Along with a modern-looking GUI and comprehensive options, ReSample delivers exactly what it promises: a versatile mixing and editing application that can easily pass as a home audio studio.

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