Recordam - October 24, 2018

Create a new record in one click with Recordam, an elegant and easy to...

Create a new record in one click with Recordam, an elegant and easy to use application for recording audio. It combines powerful audio recorder high quality and convenient storage for all prerecorded audio files. Modern and user-friendly interface lets you see everything at a glance including current input device and volume level input so you can start recording immediately.

Recordam use anywhere: meetings, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions, etc. Even use it to record memos to yourself as you jot down new ideas. Download it now!








  • Start recording in one click. Start the application and will be immediately ready to record.
  • Easily switch between audio input devices right at Recordam. You can use a built-in microphone or an external input device audio (including a USB microphone).
  • Change the input volume level even during recording.
  • Pause / Resume recording.
  • Unlimited recording time. You can record almost anything, provided you have enough storage space on your Mac!
  • M4A audio recording format.
  • Control the player from the intuitive interface, controls the main menu or the keyboard shortcut. Easily switch between audio recordings or even forward or backward within an audio recording.
  • Get quick and easy access to all audio recordings using the Library view.
  • Import audio files in MP3 or M4A format
  • Integration with labels Finder helps you organize your audio recordings. Simply add labels to recording audio using a built Inspector, and automatically appear in Finder.
  • Share audio recordings via email, message and AirDrop.
  • Add audio recordings to iTunes or exported to disk in a few clicks.
  • Add author and subject tags for each audio recording using built-Inspector.
  • Easily share your documents Recordam, exports only those of your Mac and then add them to the library the other Mac.

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