PowerTunes - May 15, 2019

PowerTunes allows iTunes users to create multiple libraries, organize ...

PowerTunes allows iTunes users to create multiple libraries, organize their music among multiple music folders, and share music and libraries between multiple users on a machine. In addition to simply creating and keeping track of your libraries, PowerTunes also offers many additional features to help organize your music. Users can copy music back and forth between their libraries while maintaining all their ratings, play counts, and other information stored in iTunes. This allows libraries to be split up into smaller ones, or merged together into larger ones. PowerTunes also offers a one-step solution for sharing iTunes libraries and music among multiple user accounts on a machine, allows users to fix dead tracks whose files have gone missing, finds orphaned music files in their music folders, and much more.

Feature List


At the Library
Create multiple iTunes libraries, instead of having all your music in a single library.

Clean it Up
Find orphaned tracks in your music folder, and add them back to your library or throw ’em in the trash.

Deadbeat Club
Got tracks with missing files? Hook them back up or delete them, quickly and easily.

The Urge to Merge
Merge entire libraries together, into one big library.

Bust a Move
Move your music folder to another location in one easy step.

Please Remember
PowerTunes remembers which music folder your libraries use, so you don’t have to.

Copy Cat
Copy songs and playlists between libraries while retaining all your playcounts, ratings and other data.

Share My World
One click sharing of your library among multiple users on your machine.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Easily open your libraries direclty from Dashboard.


macOS v10.10 and later
(Mojave compatible)
iTunes v10.5 and later
Mac computer with an Intel Core
2 Duo processor or better


Home Page – http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/powertunes/




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