PopClip 1.5.8-12.0.0 - November 1, 2018

[Download File]  PopClip appears when you select text with the mo...

PopClip appears when you select text with the mouse Mac and allows instant access to context-dependent actions, including copy and paste, plus extensions like sending Evernote. If the selected text contains a URL, email address or file path, PopClip can open. If a word is misspelled is selected, PopClip proposed corrections. Select any text to search terms on the web or a word to know the dictionary definition.

The program, which runs at any time from the menu bar system allows us to make selections identically to as made in iOS, as well as display a context menu also identical to iOS design. Ultimately the system copy and paste mobile operating system, but on your computer.

Logically included a few extras in the application, not everything will be design, such as automatic web search of selected text, or automatic opening also emails and URLs In addition to searching the dictionary and check the orthography.



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