Pixa - November 1, 2018

Pixa 1.1.10 | Mac OS X | 8.7 MB. Pixa is the best organizer for......

Pixa 1.1.10 | Mac OS X | 8.7 MB.

Pixa is the best organizer for your Mac.
The designers have a lot of pictures, and can be very difficult to keep them organized. Pixa manages your images, it helps find and export files quickly. Improve your design workflow with this image organizer.
Want to try Pixa? We have a demo available on our website.

An application to rule them all:
• AI
• GIF (including animated)
• Pixelmator
• Acorn
• Pixelmator
• Pixen

The power of Live Folders broke:
• Do not change the way we work, organize your files on disk and Pixa will search each folder change
• Reorganize the assets of your project without moving the original
• If you keep your collection on an external hard disk Life Folders will be your best friend

Increase collaboration teamwork:
• Add your Dropbox and Live folder folder and have a constantly updated library
• using Open Meta all your tags and notes are automatically synced via Dropbox

smart labeling simplifies your life:
• automatic labeling by color and size
• Import IPTC tags and Meta open
• Export Meta tags and open notes.
• Pixa liaise images drawn from the Web

Improved search:
• Search the entire library color, size or file name
• Duplicate Detection in importing
• deeply Explore advanced search

Quick Export your results:
• A export drag using presets integrated
• Create new presets by selecting the file type, size and archiving

One click and you’re in the cloud:
• Connect Dropbox or CloudApp and share your photos with one click
• Use the ability cloud with Quick export to quickly present their work to their clients or friends
• Share on Imgur

screenshot of inspirations:
• Capture the entire screen, part of it or a window with keys customizable shortcut
• Capture snapshots of entire web pages
• All catches screen automatically labeled by size and color

Start a new job fee:
• The template system lets you create files directly from Pixa
• Integrated as the icon of iOS and HTML grids staff are here to accelerate
• Create your own templates from images that you use frequently

Fine workmanship:
• a loupe tool lets you check your images pixel by pixel
• the magnifying glass selects colors and copied to the clipboard in many useful formats (HTML, RGB, CSS3 …)
• the information panel displays metadata associated with images

we love OS X:
• Pixa comes with the powerful menu of sharing Lion
• the entire interface is touch to get the best from your trackpad
• Press to zoom, slide to move – all the gestures that are used
• Quicklook and integration full screen


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