Overloud TH3 - October 24, 2018

The incredible set of guitar amps and effects TH3 of Overloud puts an ...

The incredible set of guitar amps and effects TH3 of Overloud puts an amazing amount of equipment guitar sound great on your computer. TH3 inside, you will find 69 guitar amps (plus three bass amps), 35 cabinet emulations guitar (plus two boxes bass), 75 incredible effects and more. TH3 also offers SLR that lets you switch seamlessly between two amplifiers technology. In addition, you can easily modify the signal path, or design your own from scratch.

203 models, the world ‘s largest collection in a single package including:

– authorized Randall®, DVmark®, Brunetti® and THD®, with models approved by original manufacturers Models
– 69 guitar amps and 3 amps under
– 35 cabinets for guitar and 2 cabinets for low
– 75 effects pedal and rack
– 18 microphone models, with up to four microphones in each cabinet
– More than 1000 presets that cover all the style music
– A full preset bank dedicated to bass.
– Technology analog emulation fourth generation algorithm with nonlinear processing patented
3D positioning without gap microphones and room simulation
– advanced emulations cabinet technology BREATHE 2
– built -in converter to charge IR cabin external guitar
– easy to build or modify your own signal path
– Controls Intelligent MIDI
– based reverb effects BREVERB and SpringAge
– Full compatibility with user presets TH2


Included Keygen doesn’t work for this version. Waste of time.

Why do these folks here distribute Stuff coming from crap site AudioZ?
Overloud Products can be cracked genuinely but the apes team R2R
won’t move an inch from their boring approaches. In the past, teams
like Dynamics were much better than the actual Mac Audio scene.

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