Ondesoft Screen Rulers - November 1, 2018

Ondesoft 1.13.1 Screen Rulers | Mac OS X | 7.5 MB. Ondesoft Screen Rul...

Ondesoft 1.13.1 Screen Rulers | Mac OS X | 7.5 MB.

Ondesoft Screen Rulers is a highly configurable measurement utility for Mac with many intuitive features that enable you to measure objects quickly and accurately on the screen of your Mac in pixels, inches, picas, centimeters and several customizable units according to their needs. It can measure square areas, diagonals and viewing angles.

Online measurement tool to measure the dimensions of any object on Mac.
Easy conveyor allows you to measure angles in radians or degrees with the Rules of Ondesoft screen.
The detail window gives you a magnifying glass and a pixel value for accurate measurements.
The recorder window that serves as your personal notebook can remember all the measures detailed history of the data.
Customize keyboard shortcuts, the colors of the rule and transparency settings according to your preferences.


App won’t open for me on Sierra (10.12.6). Gives error message, “The application “Onde Rulers.app” can’t be opened.”

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