Nice Clipboard - September 11, 2019

[Download File]Nice Clipboard 1.6.0 | Mac OS X | 7 MB.    Exce...

Nice Clipboard 1.6.0 | Mac OS X | 7 MB. 


Excellent implementation of a clipboard manager – probably the fifth I’ve had and my favorite. Clean, attractive, easy to use design. It is not required-setup-iCloud sync with other Macs and iOS devices. I settled on my two Macs – never had to select your preferences. Copying things for a Mac, and bingo – just worked. Not everything was on the other Mac. “- By MitchLA

Nice Clipboard is a clipboard manager of history that is always waiting icon on the menu bar on your Mac or on your home screen on your iPhone. It syncs via iCloud between Macs and iOS devices and is built using latest Apple to be lightweight and super – fast technologies. These features make the clipboard much more useful tool in your daily life. 

Features : 
Automatically watches your clipboard, 
-beautiful and easy to use interface that is seamlessly integrated into the desktop, 
-iCloud synchronization 
: use newest technologies Apple, 
-built in Swift for performance, 
-designed to El Capitan.



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