NetWorker - November 1, 2018

NetWorker 4.2 Size: 4.98 MB NetWorker is a lightweight and easy-to-use...

NetWorker 4.2
Size: 4.98 MB

NetWorker is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that shows either the current download and upload speed or the session traffic of your network adapter. The information is shown in a small view in your menu bar.

You can switch between three modes: speed, traffic, or speed/traffic
You can choose the network adapter to observe, so both wired and wireless adapters are supported
Adjustable refresh interval
Support for auto-start

Version 4.1.0:
Moving the mouse cursor in the network traffic view no longer causes very high processor loads
Introduced a cacheing mechanism for the database; this reduces the number of calls to the database (and to the hard disk) to almost zero
Reduced the processor load when drawing the network traffic graph
You can now resolve the foreign address and the communication protocol; when the window is closed, neither the host nor the communication protocol is resolved to reduce processor load
The menu now opens slightly faster
Minor layout adjustments
Various code optimizations to reduce processor load


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