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Network Radar 2.3.0 | Mac OS X | 13.5 MB. Radar Network is an easy......

Network Radar 2.3.0 | Mac OS X | 13.5 MB.

Radar Network is an easy -to- use network to discover, manage and retrieve detailed information about network devices.

Key Features:
• Network analysis and detailed information about network devices
• Run Useful Tools Network
• Use the Track function and receive notification when the availability of a device changes
• Simply connect to a device by double – clicking on the list (Quick Connect)
• Assign your own names and choose from provided icons or import your own icons
• Use the simple system of rules / actions for automatic processing devices
• Analyze network interface, a certain subnet or range of IP addresses
• Exporting an exploration CSV, TXT or PDF
• and more …

Device Information:
• IP Address
• MAC Address
• Supplier name ( ie “Apple, Inc.” or “DELL”)
• domain name (DNS, reverse lookup)
• Bonjour Name
• NetBIOS name
• the services (open ports)
• response time (ping time)
• model identification Mac (ie, “iMac9, 1”)
• the icon (automatically for Mac with model identifier)
• special function (ie host is the standard gateway)
• Status accessibility
• SSH / Telnet user name, port and password
• Start Device
• Notes

includes network tools:
• Off / remote reboot
• Ping
• Scanning
• Telnet
• Wake on LAN
• Whois
• HTTP, HTTPS, AFP, SMB, FTP, VNC, RDP, SSH, TELNET quick connection

Compatible network interfaces:
• Built -in WiFi
• Built -in Ethernet

Note that like all other applications IP Scanner, the amount of network information you can find depends on the network scans.


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