Native Instruments Kontakt - October 24, 2018

Native Instruments Kontakt 6.0.2 | Mac OS X | 568 MB.  Plays all th...

Native Instruments Kontakt 6.0.2 | Mac OS X | 568 MB. 

Plays all the sounds of the world with KONTAKT 6


KONTAKT KONTAKT instruments 6 introduces Play Series: New versions of highly desired sounds. Each processing chains placed powerful and creative in a simple and intuitive graphical panel. These hybrids combine wavetable synthesis and sampled content creatively, allowing dynamically mix and transform the live sound.

All instruments include eight carefully assigned macro controls, corresponding to the eight rotary encoders of our KOMPLETE MASCHINE KONTROL and drivers. These controls are assigned to many shared parameters. So you can change the sound dramatically by simply turning a wheel macro.
A powerful instrument legendary analog and digital synths of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
A hybrid complex instrument that takes different instrumentations worldwide and combines them with digital synthesis.
An ideal for any contemporary genre creative modern version of acoustic piano, classic electric piano, synthesizer and analog keyboard.

  • The standard scene: KONTAKT is the basis for the largest selection of sampled instruments available
  • Including standard library puts in your hands more than 55 GB of detailed, creative and expressive instruments
  • Transform your sound with integrated tools, including modulation, wavetable, envelopes and effects
  • Build your own instruments with powerful editing options and design samples
  • We present the instruments Play Series: Three new instruments for KONTAKT library that offers a clean, contemporary sound with a creative and elegant panel
  • Module wavetable synthesis: Create hybrid instruments to achieve totally new sounds
  • Effects improved: Even more effects to your creations that offer a higher level of expressiveness and realism
  • Tools for designers: New standalone application designed to improve the process of creating and editing libraries.

PITA = Pain In The Ass.
For newest MacOS only! MAC OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12 or 10.13
Developers get more & more slaved by Apple’s [crap]grade policies! 🙁

Furthermore NI pages are really confusing!
You have to search & search until you find the System Requirements.
They went SLOPPY, after years of success.

Same problem as usual. Will we never be able to add libraries again?

yes, just use version 5.6.6 to add them. you can have both if they’re named differently.

That didn’t work for the last kontakt, did something change?




They are not included here, right ?

Nope, just clean 6.0.2 without any libraries

even using the 5.6 version i cant load the new libraries by heavyocity 🙁 anyone know how to get the new librarys working ?

Search internet for solution including .nicnt and ID within the file. so, library ID replacement.

Open library .nicnt-file in text-editor and open library.xml-file ( Hd-library/application support/native instruments/service center) and check u have same information in begin rows. If u have some librarys what working, look how its should be.

thanks checked in tex editor but i dont know what im looking for the info in beginning rows looks the same but im no programmer. any links to how to fix this would be good 🙂

Ok, i dont know any links, sry. But example: Open some Library .nicnt-file text-editor and copy all text between ” to to same library .xml-file, what found in service center, replace those lines in xml-file. U have to have same UPID and SNPID both files.

Hope this helps.

Oh, this form edit my text.. i meen copy all text between .. Product version to Icon..

thanks thats fix it 🙂

Thank you! Kontakt 6 works perfectly

Np, have fun 🙂

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