muvee 360 ​​Video Stitcher Pro 2.0.1 (245)2.0.0 - June 7, 2019

[Download File]muvee 360 ​​Video Stitcher Pro 2.0.1 (245) | Mac OS...

muvee 360 ​​Video Stitcher Pro 2.0.1 (245) | Mac OS X | 36.33 MB.

360 Video Stitcher Software for Mac: free to import, merge, crop and export to Facebook and YouTube. muvee 360 ​​Video Stitcher Pro is the most powerful for Samsung Gear 360 cameras Mac software.
Muvee features 360 Video Stitcher for Mac:

Adheres automatically 360 videos captured with your camera Samsung Gear 360.

comfortably Explore your 360 photos taken with the Samsung Gear 360 cameras on your Mac.

fast and easy trimming. Simply set the start and end points, and there you have it , your video is trimmed. Zero loss of quality.

Direct loading
packages metadata 360 videos essential for proper playback on Facebook and YouTube

Add background music to your videos. After all, nobody wants to see an irrelevant video … even 360.

Record 360 multiple photos in a slideshow 360 transitions and music videos. How cool is that?

Perfectly stitch shots taken with any version of Samsung Gear 360 (2016 or 2017).

Sit back and enjoy muvee 360 Video Stitcher Software automatically displays the view.

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