Master of Typing 2 v4. - September 8, 2019

[Download File]Master of Typing 2 v4.4.4 | 22.9 MB   Master of Ty...

Master of Typing 2 v4.4.4 | 22.9 MB


Master of Typing 3 is a new version of popularly accepted tutor for learning TOUCH TYPING.

TOUCH TYPING using all 10 FINGERS without watching the keyboard will help:



Improve your typing skills with Master of Typing 2!



Previous version

  • Increase EFFICIENCY at work.
  • Read helpful topics of the LEARNING MODE;
  • Use PROMPTS, when something isn’t clear;
  • Try your typing skills in practice;
  • Select EXAM MODE and choose the difficulty level;
  • Watch STATISTICS with your time, accuracy and speed rates;
  • Practice every day and see your progress.
  • possibility to turn on/of Uppercase letters, numbers & special symbols;
  • new HIGHLIGHTING function of the next key;
  • 2 types of text direction (from left to right/from right to left);
  • choice of the fingers used when typing;
  • opportunity to CHANGE the SETTINGS:
  • choose the interval, visible typing area or text length;
  • TEXTS and exams of various DIFFICULTY levels;
  • application HINTS and useful information.

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