MailRaider Pro - November 1, 2018

MailRaider Pro 3.10 Size: 21.01 MB MailRaider Pro offers MailRaider...

MailRaider Pro 3.10
Size: 21.01 MB

MailRaider Pro offers MailRaider’s abilities to read old, archived Outlook .MSG files, but with additional Pro features:

Bulk processing
The option to display your email with the formatting intact, as it was originally sent, or as plain text
The ability to save into a customizable XML format so that you can further process your email using tools of your own
Spotlight and Quicklook support
Customizable user interface
Beautiful icons and an entirely ‘Retina’ optimized user interface.
Detailed help, covering all the functionality of MailRaider Pro, and including useful tips on how to get help on using MailRaider Pro
Support for a broad range of formats

Version 3.10:
Added functionality to automatically open the attachments drawer (see Preferences)
Added functionality to export metadata as an attachment (see Preferences)
Fixed loading of email resources from the internet over insecure connections
Fixed minor formatting issue for quoted printable strings
Fixed bug when opening malformed TNEF files
Fixed version number in about box


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