Mag2GO 2.0.143692.0.0 - November 1, 2018

Mag2GO 2.0.14369 | Mac OS X | 170 MB. Create mobile applications for t...

Mag2GO 2.0.14369 | Mac OS X | 170 MB.

Create mobile applications for their publications. No coding is required. authentic native applications. Use your existing PDF. Published in the App Store and Google Play! Our digital publishing software gives you all the benefits of having an editor without relinquishing control, ownership or a penny of their income.

Gets 100% of income
Publish your app magazine on your Apple iTunes Connect account and your Google Play. You own your application and your magazine. You control verything and get 100% of income.

more subscribers
Mag2GO provides a preview function for your application and allows your readers first read a few pages before purchasing. After the user is compromised, leading to increased sales of application.

Easy to use
friendly interface, great support, rich user guides and video tutorials.

The fastest way to improve the implementation of magazines
No coding is required. No special training required.

Higher conversion rate
Let your readers previsualizen few pages before subscribing. This feature will convert more readers into paying cusomters. You can set the first 1 to 10 pages for preview.

Reading online and offline
Read directly online without waiting for the content is downloaded first. Or click the Download button to download in the background for reading offline.

completely custom interface
Transform your magazine application to match your brand. You can customize the look-and-feel in a matter of minutes.

Advertising / Sponsorship
Allow to place advertising banners in the store.

Put video and link on the page
Mag2GO allows you to embed video and hyperlink on the page of your magazine.

What’s New in Mag2GO 2.0:
• You can now send push notifications directly to the home screen readers;
• Added supported analytical;
• Added ability to change the color of the link for all links in a publication;
• Delete Page button in the Editor dialog eliminated problems;
• Image quality option added;
• Solving a problem that could cause application crash on some devices with iOS 8;
• Solving a problem that could cause the main interface disappeared on some computers Mac OS X 10.11;
• Solving a problem that could prevent the entry of https at http;
• Solving a problem that could be blocked by eliminating the last page;
• Solving a problem for some users that made Apple rejected the application;
• Solving a problem for some users that caused the failure to share;
• Solving a problem that could cause the right page is displayed incorrectly;
• Solving a problem for iOS 9;
• Solution compatible problem that could cause application crash with Android in May.


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