MacAppBlocker - November 1, 2018

MacAppBlocker 3.1.6 | Mac OS X | 5.2 MB. Mac App Blocker, you can pass...

MacAppBlocker 3.1.6 | Mac OS X | 5.2 MB.

Mac App Blocker, you can password protect any application on your Mac. Keep your applications and your safe Mac. Set a value timeout to automatically exit the protected application, so even when you leave your computer unattended, still you are protected.

Keep it safe. Children, co-workers, family, guests – no worries. You choose which applications will be protected and Mac App Blocker keeps them safe. Tracks failed attempts to access protected applications – so you know when it happened with the date, time and optional photo capture.

Protect your privacy. Mail, Safari, Firefox, your favorite daily application, iPhoto and any other application you use – be protected. And with the auto – start, you have to not worry about leaving applications running when you’re away from your Mac.

The automated features. Set a timeout value and inactive application automatically exit after the time period selected. New in Version 3.0 – add a schedule to unlock day amd applications specific times. Very useful for parents who like to limit computer time.

Protect your Mac. Add System Preferences for Mac App Blocker list and have the confidence that your settings are protected from evil accidental (or intentional) use. Add Terminal and the Activity Monitor application list Blocked to block the Mac even more.

Relax – It ‘s Safe. Mac App Blocker does not modify any system or application files on your Mac. It works with applications and settings that are currently used. You select which applications are blocked and if you decide to remove Mac App Blocker, simply move the application to the trash.

More automated features. New in Version 2.0 – Network unlock aware. Adding a Wi-Fi network whenever you are connected to that network, automatically unlock the application or all applications with the new global settings. Global Settings also works for the new programming option.


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