Loopback - October 24, 2018

[Download File]Loopback 1.1.7 | Mac OS X | 8.33 MB.    Free ca...

Loopback 1.1.7 | Mac OS X | 8.33 MB. 


Free cable routing audio for Mac.
Suddenly, it ‘s easy to audio between applications on your Mac. Create devices virtual audio to bring the sound of the applications and input devices audio, and then send it to audio processing applications. Loopback gives you the power of a board of high – end studio mix within your computer!

Combine audio sources 
Configuring a virtual audio device from multiple sources is easy. Just add applications and physical audio devices to include in the table of audio sources to start.

Available for the entire system
Your Mac will show virtual devices exactly as physical loopback devices. See it listed among other devices in System Preferences or select as an input or output of any audio application.

Send audio between applications 
Loopback can also create pass-through devices that send audio from one application to another. Adjust the loopback device as the output in an application and another input to the audio stream directly between applications.

Audio playback all your Podcast Guests 
Combine your microphone audio sources such as iTunes or QuickTime Player, then select your device as your source invested in Skype loop. Presto! Your guests will all hear both your voice and audio accessories.

Record Gameplay Videos 
Make videos with great audio play can often be very difficult. If you’re using a device such as hardware Elgato Game Capture and microphone to record both audio and play at the same time, loopback can help!

Combine hardware devices 
Applications like GarageBand, Logic and Ableton Live only record a single audio device at a time. Fortunately, they offer many channels recording. With loopback, you can combine multiple input devices in a virtual device to facilitate recording.

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