Logo Lab for iWork – Templates - November 1, 2018

  Be recognized! Jumsoft’s Logo Lab for iWork offers a uni...

Be recognized! Jumsoft’s Logo Lab for iWork offers a unique treasure chest customizable templates logo, editable in Apple Pages or Keynote. With the wide collection of designs and a variety of styles, you will want to have a creative agency completely at your service, Without the bill! With thousands of professional designs available, we will definitely find the one that would like to build your image!

Each logo template comes with several options for orientation and location, and technical information such as color codes in HEX, RGB or CMYK, allowing you to easily play anywhere!

Each logo is designed to be highly editable in Pages or Keynote, so you can adapt it to your tastes or needs without too much effort: it is the level of quality and ease of use that you grew wait and love of Jumsoft!

* Requires 6.0 Pages / Keynote 7.0 or later



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