Leapwing Audio DynOne - October 2, 2019

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Leapwing Audio DynOne v2.4 MacOSX Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R | 01 Oct 2019 | 6.5MB


Leapwing Audio DynOne is a unique multiband parallel compressor designed from the ground up, using “very gentle and great sounding” linear phase crossover filters. Its design allows you to mix in compressed filter bands with the original signal. This makes it possible to shape and tonalize your sound without squashing its dynamics.

DynOne has four unique features. You can set minimum and maximum attack and release values for an adaptive compression timing which is dependent on the crest factor, making it sound musical. There is also a slider to set the envelope detection circuit to RMS or peak, or anything in between. And multi-mono to stereo variable channel linking. The last unique feature is that the sidechain input of each band is defined by a variable weighted mix of that particular band versus the other adjacent bands; one weighting slider gives you intuitive control over the sidechain inputs.

All of these features are available in an intuitive interface. It allows you to tonalize your sound and fatten it up, all within seconds.

Key Features:
Compression control for each of the 5 bands.
Parallel mode where you add the compressed signal to the original.
Variable peak to RMS detection.
Multi-mono to stereo channel linking variable control.
Upward expansion possibility per band.
Set different minimum and maximum attack and release values. Compression will use values closer to minimum when the crest factor is higher and closer to maximum when it’s lower.
Weighting option to tweak the sidechain input mix for each of the bands. The weighted mix can vary between its own band and a combination of adjacent bands, so it gets closer to a single compressor behaviour.

Mastering – Production – Mixing – Post-production.
Tonalize a vocal, bass, keys, guitar or drums.
Fatten up drum submixes.
Put the vocal more upfront in your mix.
All-in-one mastering dynamics control.
Enhance dynamics of drums.

The plugin has dependency to TBB.DLL (Threading Building Blocks). However,
official installer put that DLL to unrecognized location. It means official
version does not even run on the most computers. We are pretty sure that
there are no Windows user buyer for this plugin.

Our release includes the latest version of TBB runtimes. It will be installed
to System32 dir. We tested our release on fresh installed computer to be
sure. Don’t forget to install MSVC2019 runtime!

Well – they should do static link instead of linking to DLL 😛

home page: https://www.leapwingaudio.com/dynone/

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