Korg Audiogate - July 7, 2019

[Download File]Korg Audiogate 4.0.3 | 170.06 MB Mac Platform: Intel In...

Korg Audiogate 4.0.3 | 170.06 MB

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: 10.10 – 10.13
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum: 4GB or more
Video RAM:

What’s New

Release notes unavailable at the time of this post.

Install from the provided dmg, then replace the application in your /Applications/ folder with the provided cracked one.


Welcome to the Korg AudioGate 4 High Resolution Music Player. Audio Gate 4 is an advanced music player and audio recorder, as well as a flexible file conversion application. Best of all, AudioGate 4 is fully compatible with 1-bit DSD audio. When Installed on your computer, AudioGate 4 can play, manage, and convert the format of your digi- tal audio files so that you can enjoy hearing them reproduced with the highest levels of clarity—including direct playback of 1-bit digital audio files. Combined with certified audio devices—such as the Korg DS-DAC Series— AudioGate 4 allows the direct recording of 1-bit audio data.
In addition, AudioGate 4 allows projects or files created using the KORG MR Series of DSD 1-bit recorders to be converted into any audio file format you choose for export or to create an audio CD or DSD disc. Convenient file- editing features including cut, fade, and normalize add professional edge to your finished product.
Please note that regardless of format, each audio element in an AudioGate 4 Songlist is referred to as a Song.

More info: https://www.korg.com/us/products/audio/audiogate4/



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