Kiwi for Gmail - May 23, 2019

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Kiwi Gmail (formerly Gmail for Mac) becomes a Gmail email client desktop full power. Nobody wants to use Gmail in the browser on your phone, and thought it should not have to in the Mac either. 2 years in the making of an experienced Apple, Bose equipment, and experience of iRobot.

Like Gmail’s own applications on iOS, the kiwi is a client for Gmail email sophisticated hybrid browser that gives you all the power of Gmail within a polished desktop experience.

Key Features:
• Use Gmail as a desktop application, released from the browser.
• Get all your Gmail accounts with one click. Never meeting again. Never search through records again or write to reach your email.
• Reliable multiple accounts – Use up to 6 Gmail accounts simultaneously, built on an architecture that is much more reliable than it used Gmail in the browser.
• Chat and meeting places – work across multiple accounts, as expected.
• Google Drive – it works across multiple accounts flawlessly, you can not even do in Chrome. Because of our unique architecture.
• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail is not supported * * offline, which is incompatible with service to all Gmail features.
• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail is not compatible with Google inbox.
• Gmail as a polished desktop experience – Windows for new messages, calendar, Google Drive; Attach photos, documents, or whatever you want by dragging on; An inbox that works like a desktop application and not a hybrid dropdown menu bar strange – we’ve thought of everything.
• Gmail as your default e – mail client – it really works. Replace the mail and Outlook completely with kiwi for Gmail – click on an email in Contacts or in the browser and will open one of our beautiful new windows email.
• Dock icon, the pop -up menu bar, and window full inbox.
• gorgeous, simple message windows again – improved tremendously in the browser. See how this makes it easier to
• avoid going to the Inbox for every little thing – we’ve obsessed about workflows and how people actually use email, the design of our application to have access to their email is simple and not overwhelming. You should not have to dive into your inbox to write a quick note to someone, for example.
• huge attachments – Send huge files via Google Drive, which is now so quick to do, it is even simpler than Dropbox.
• Powerful – Keyboard shortcuts allow you reach your email in a second.
• Important-Only Notifications – a first desktop email; use this optional feature and noise filtering right of your email effortlessly.
• The switch Zen ™ – close all email notifications so you can focus without shutting everyone.




Get it free by purchasing it via your iPhone.

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