iStat Menus 5.32 (7302.0.0 - November 1, 2018

iStat Menus 5.32 (730) | Mac OS X | 31.4 MB. Watch your system from......

iStat Menus 5.32 (730) | Mac OS X | 31.4 MB.

Watch your system from the menu bar.
If you care about the health of your Mac, now from the menu bar you can monitor all vital signs thanks to iStat Menus.

iStat Menus shows the use of the CPU to the network traffic, through the use of disk drives, memory, fans, Bluetooth driver activation and to temperature.

From the preference pane iStat Menus you can choose the menus you want to see from the menu bar, there are eight different: CPU, memory, disks, Red, Temperature, Fans, date and time and fans.

Each of the indicators of iStat Menus is fully configurable. For example, the CPU menu can display two graphs, one per CPU (dual core computers) and the five gourmands processes. And if you’re interested in memory, you will access the memory wired, active, inactive, free and swap or virtual. Regarding the temperature, iStat Menus collects data from different sensors Mac, as with fans.


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