iReal Pro - July 7, 2019

[Download File]iReal Pro 10.0 | 52.5 MB   Practice makes perfect....

iReal Pro 10.0 | 52.5 MB


Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference.

Have a virtual band accompany you as you practice

Play, edit, and import any songs you want

Improve your skills with the included chord diagrams

Practice in the way, and at the level, that you choose

Share, print, and export – so your music follows you wherever you need it!


12 Extra Jazz Styles:


Previous version

  • Choose from 35 different accompaniment styles. (More available with In-App purchase)
  • 15 Jazz Styles: Afro 12/8, Ballad Even, Ballad Swing, Bossa Nova, Double Time Swing, Even 8ths, Gypsy Jazz, Latin, Latin/Swing, Long Notes, Medium Swing, Medium Up Swing, Slow Swing, Swing Two/Four, Up Tempo Swing
  • 8 Latin Styles: Argentina-Tango, Brazil-Bossa Acoustic, Brazil-Bossa Electric, Brazil-Samba, Cuba-Bolero, Cuba-Cha Cha Cha, Cuba-Son Montuno 2-3, Cuba-Son Montuno 3-2
  • 12 Pop Styles: 12/8 Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Disco, Funk, Reggae, RnB, Rock, Shuffle, Slow Rock, Smooth, Soul
  • Personalize each style with a variety of sounds including piano, fender rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, vibraphone, organ, and more
  • 1000s of songs can be imported from the forums in a few simple steps
  • Edit existing songs or create your own with the Editor
  • The Player will play any song that you edit or create
  • Create multiple editable playlists
  • Display guitar tabs and piano fingerings for any of your chord charts
  • Look up piano and guitar fingerings for any chord
  • Display scale recommendations for each chord of a song to help with improvisations
  • Includes 50 exercises for practicing common chord progressions
  • Transpose any chart to any key or to number notation
  • Loop a selection of measures of a chart for focused practicing
  • Advanced practice settings (automatic tempo increase, automatic key transposition)
  • Global Eb, Bb, F and G transposition for horn players
  • Share individual charts or whole playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and the Forums
  • Export charts as PDF and MusicXML
  • Export audio as WAV, AAC and MIDI
  • Guitar Chords
  • Piano Chords
  • Chord Scales
  • Ballad Double Time Feel
  • Ballad Melodic
  • Blue Note
  • Doo Doo Cats
  • Even 16ths
  • Even 8ths Open
  • Guitar Trio
  • Medium Up Swing 2
  • New Orleans Swing
  • Second Line
  • Trad Jazz
  • Up Tempo Swing 2

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