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iClock Pro 3.4.9 – Customize your menubar clock.
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iClock Pro is a menu bar replacement clock for Apple’s default clock. iClock Pro is an update, total rewrite and improvement to the popular iClock. Have the day, date and time in different fonts and colors in the menubar. iClock is also a kind of centrally located time hub from which many time related functions can be controlled. iClock is an essential time utility for pilots, business people, travelers, and anyone who communicates with people in other time zones.

See the day/date/time in the menubar in different fonts/colors/formats. Customize it as you wish
Gives an easily accessible, at a glance system menu view of times/timezones/dates in as many parts of the world as you want
Option click on the time/date in the menubar to see your stock portfolio with updates in near real time
Application menu just like there used to be in OS 9. On Intel Mac shows you which applications are running in Rosetta
Alarms/timers that can be set in one click. Never miss another appointment
Web info, stop watch and instantly available calculator
Gives you a time zone calculator that finds the best time to connect up the people in as many time zones as you want
To Do List with inline calendar accessible from the menubar
Add the people/companies you work with directly from the address book
Gives the dial codes for countries around the world
12- or 24-hour time
iClock Calendar shows birthdays from Apple’s Address Book and links to iCalendar
iClock Calendar can float on top or below other windows and its transparency can be set
iClock Calendar accepts background pictures
Synchronize with other Macs using .Mac account
Double click a day in iClock Calendar to go direct to your choice of iCal, Meeting Maker, Oracle, Now Up To Date, and Palm Desktop
Convenient stock portfolio in the menubar that is updated whenever you want


Version 3.4.9:

More changes in UI and defaults


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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