Harrison Mixbus 5.0.2552.0.0 - October 24, 2018

Mixbus is a digital audio workstation (DAW) with all functions with &#...

Mixbus is a digital audio workstation (DAW) with all functions with “True Analog Mixing”: a combination of sound and features world – renowned Harrison interface knob per function. Mixbus provides a solution for engineers and mixers require a recording, editing and mixing system with sound and premium features.

Mixbus provides professional level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio tracks or MIDI on your computer; then edit, mix and master your production.

Harrison has a unique history. In the mid-80s, we developed a technology fully automated mixing analog and digitally controlled, which was adopted by the major film blending facilities around the world. When the digital revolution came, we asked to we converted the “processor” analog in a digital processor, without changing the control surface. Mixers film wanted the control surface work and sound exactly like the analog mixer being used for previous projects. This forced us to develop a digital audio engine running and sounded exactly like the analog mixer they were using for previous projects. This transition was not performed by any other company, and it has provided technical and proprietary technology that we have incorporated into our high-end mixers. Mixbus gives us the opportunity to share this technology with a much wider range of users.




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