Graphics - May 23, 2019

[Download File]Graphics is the final assembly suitable artwork for any...

Graphics is the final assembly suitable artwork for any iWork document requiring color, texture and authenticity. You’ll definitely find the correct picture among 2000 high quality images.

Clip art category is a collection of 100 beautiful images and detailed in two different resolutions. Its content ranges from cars and buses to pools and coffee cups. If you need an illustration for a topic of real estate, urban development or travel industry, look no further! Transparent backgrounds allow you to place images on different patterns.

IllustrationsThey are an amazing collection of 334 images, ranging from lipsticks and watches to airplanes and factories; Simply drag and drop any of these images on the slides of the presentation or the content of the text.
Icons is a set of 329 images of colorful and witty icons, including designs for electronics, medicine, transportation and the green movement. They will give a touch of style to your website or infographic presentation.
People Clipart contains 300 high quality images that represent people and their reactions in various situations of work and leisure. They will help you put a friendly face on your slides, posters, web pages and other content.
ImagesIt contains more than 800 images of high resolution photos.
Traffic Signs is a collection of 217 images of traffic signs used in the United States and Europe. Speed limits, warnings and bike lanes marks: everything is covered. Like other products clipart, traffic signals include transparent backgrounds that allow placing images in funds of your choice.




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