Graphic Inspector - November 1, 2018

Graphic Inspector 2.3.2 | Mac OS X | 3.2 MB. Graphic Inspector provide...

Graphic Inspector 2.3.2 | Mac OS X | 3.2 MB.

Graphic Inspector provides extensive information about entire folders of images and vector graphics files and helps locate potential problems according to user-defined rules. Graphic Inspector is a professional tool checks designed to help users of any trade, whether print, web design, photography and publishing on mobile devices.

The program will batch file, it displays extensive information about its attributes and flag files with specific properties:

Type, size and dimensions
Color mode (including variations mode Photoshop)
ICC profile
Spot color images and vector graphics files (Illustrator, EPS, etc.)
TIFF / EPS compression
Fonts in Illustrator files
full image metadata (including EXIF, IPTC and GPS)

Check presets powerful allow you to quickly detect files with specific attributes, saving hours of manual checking and treating the consequences of costly mistakes. For example, the Graphics Inspector can warn you about all files whose color mode is RGB, the format is JPEG, resolution is below 200 dpi, ICC profile does not contain “US Web Coated”, etc.


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