FSNotes - May 23, 2019

[Download File]FSNotes is an administrator plain text notes for MacOS,...

FSNotes is an administrator plain text notes for MacOS, and is the modern reinvention of the speed of notation (NVALT) on steroids. Our open application complies with the following formats: plain / text, and RTF reduction, and stores data in the file system. You can view, edit and copy data to your favorite external editor, and see the results live FSNotes.

Synchronization iCloud
keyboard focused
global shortcuts (search field / saved clipboard)
Markdown and marked RTF (stored on disk as plain text / text and text files enriched)
Preview mode reduction
elastic view of two panels (vertical layout and horizontal)
Fast blazing and light
Open files in the search / works with external editors (change synchronization live seamlessly with the user interface)
Pin / disengages important notes on top
Storing multiple folders
Markdown highlighted live with over 170 languages in code blocks

– Fixed search autocomplete.
– Fixes preference code highlighting live.




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