Elsten Software Bliss 201810112.0.0 - October 24, 2018

Work downloaded, organized, automatically album. Bliss is a seeker of...

Work downloaded, organized, automatically album. Bliss is a seeker of simple and precise works of art. Discover art for rare recordings. Free your art to see anywhere.

Album artwork finder
Download the album cover automatically that
Bliss is a seeker of album artwork that is simple, fast and accurate. Bliss finds and installs the album cover automatically. Bliss is fully automated and can even add album artwork to your music in the background, as you add music to your collection. Bliss uses reputable and expanding sources for album art.

Music folder organizer
Evaluate your current music file and folder structure
Organize your music files and folders by specifying a pattern file organization. Bliss then synchronize your tags with their file names. Choose from different labels to include in the pattern file organization and how you want to treat blank. You can make the changes automatically if desired, ideal for large collections.

Control your gender
Filter genres in a defined subset
Keep track of genres in your music collection. Musical genres are notorious for balloon flights as you add more music from different sources. Some genres are general, like ‘Classic’, while others are specific, like ‘Great Experimental Band’. Bliss lets you control which genders are allowed in your music collection.




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