CrumplePop – Noir Moderne2.0.0 - November 1, 2018

CrumplePop – Noir Moderne: Black and White Noir for Final Cut Pr...

CrumplePop – Noir Moderne: Black and White Noir for Final Cut Pro X | Mac OS X | 165 MB.

Noir Moderne is a collection of dark and elegant black FCPX effects. Drag and drop Noir Moderne in your clip to create spectacular lighting effects.

22 Effects Effects FCPX and exclusive Transitions FCPX effets noir
CrumplePop Noir Moderne includes 19 effects FCPX and 3 transitions.
Apply flickers, strobes displacement patterns and optically captured Venetian bullets. Create dramatic lighting by superimposing multiple effects FCPX.

It includes 24 video resources ProRes Noir Moderne
Along with the Final Cut Pro X complement Noir Moderne also includes a set of 24 black video assets.
Noir Moderne features 1920 × 1080 ProRes and h.264 strops, bullets and light leakage that are easy to use in any NLE a composite mode (layer).

Final Cut Pro X Powerful Effects Plugin vignette FCPX
CrumplePop Noir Moderne for Final Cut Pro X contains a series of powerful controls.
Quickly and easily adjust and customize opacity and luminance for subtle or dramatic lighting effects and white noir noir.

Name: CrumplePop – Noir Moderne
Requires: Final Cut Pro X
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