ControllerMate - November 1, 2018

ControllerMate 4.10.2 Size: 23.43 MB ControllerMate is a controller pr...

ControllerMate 4.10.2
Size: 23.43 MB

ControllerMate is a controller programming tool that allows custom functionality to be added to standard HID devices (joysticks, trackballs, gamepads, keyboards, and more).

Using a graphical interface and drag-and-drop editing, users can program controller buttons to perform complex keyboard and mouse sequences. Programming is accomplished using “building blocks”. Each type of building block performs a different type of function. Building blocks can be individually configured and linked together to perform an endless variety of tasks.

Common programming tasks that can be performed with ControllerMate include:

Configuring controller buttons to act like individual keyboard keys
Configuring controller buttons to generate simple text
Configuring controller axes to act like mouse axes
Assigning an AppleScript to a controller button
Redefining keyboard keys
Assigning a custom acceleration curve to a mouse

Version 4.10.2:
Improves the compatibility of keyboard-related building blocks (Keystrokes, Single Key, Text) with some applications when running on macOS 10.12 Sierra; applications that did not respond to keyboard activity that was indicated by the system’s Keyboard Viewer should now respond properly


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