Clipboard Manager - November 1, 2018

The clipboard manager is in charge Simple story for the Mac clipboard....

The clipboard manager is in charge Simple story for the Mac clipboard. It keeps all the changes your clipboard for later use.



  • friendly native interface
  • Global shortcut to the presentation application
  • Paste directly into the current application
  • Paste items as plain text format or
  • Paste or delete items in a coup
  • Drag and drop multiple items to any application
  • Working with multiple elements simultaneously -> paste, share or delete multiple items
  • Favorite Articles -> Articles preferred choice
  • Passwords elements: first three characters only appear
  • Share items -> share elements context or application menu
  • ignored applications -> ignore the copied content of these applications
  • Password applications -> save content copied these applications as password
  • Quick search for file elements
  • Mode left or right window
  • Start application at login

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