BookReader - November 1, 2018

BookReader 5.9 | Mac OS X | 12 MB. This program is easier to read......

BookReader 5.9 | Mac OS X | 12 MB.

This program is easier to read electronic books without incompatibility issues, bringing together almost all popular formats.

BookReader meets the following electronic reading formats: fb2, epub, iBooks, html, webarchive (Safari), doc (Microsoft Word), rtf, txt and RTFD.
Regarding the ePUB format is compatible with multimedia content (HTML5 video, animations, 3D). It will not open without DRM (encryption books).
This utility is specialized in reading texts and ebooks, presenting them in the most convenient way to sight and more enjoyable to read.
You can completely customize the appearance of the e-books you open with BookReader, giving them the perfect format according to your preferences by changing background, fonts, colors, borders, format, etc.
You have other interesting features like a library manager to choose the title you want to read a bookmark function that remembers exactly where you left off and a utility automatic scroll so you do not have to lift a finger as you read.
It also includes an integrated links to databases of e-books on the Internet, from which you can download your favorite titles browser. The program recognizes compressed formats such as ZIP, RAR and GZ, and can also import from TXT files, automatically generating the eBook.


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