Blocs - November 1, 2018

[Download File]Blocs 2.4.0 | Mac OS X | 29.4 MB. Focusing on simplicit...

Blocs 2.4.0 | Mac OS X | 29.4 MB.

Focusing on simplicity, Blocs for Mac offers a new approach to modern construction, quality, static web sites without the need to understand or write code.
Blocs lets you create with ease and style great looking websites without writing a single line of code

Blocs is an incredible new App to design Responsive web pages without programming, so no need to know anything about programming to use Blocs App and create web pages that are responsive, nice and optimization SEO, this fantastic App for Mac is one of the new applications that are becoming quite a trend on the Internet that allow you to design web pages without having to be a programmer, that If you need to know the basics of web design for your site is a success, not enough to design and not program, Blocs App does magic only it helps you be more productive in your work.

Although Blocs App claims to be the definitive App for web designers who can not program, the truth is to know some basics minimum programming HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript necessary to understand everything Blocs App will do for us and take control of what we create.


Like previous version, it tries to call home and can’t so it crashes.

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