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The All Black Rooster Audio Bundle: Vintage breeze classic study team combined with modern digital processing and easy to apply this package makes the perfect tool chain for daily mix. This fabulous package includes everything you need for only a joke of a price.

Emulating vintage preamplifier
The VPRE-73 is inspired by one of the most classic preamps history recording studio. It provides the magic of low – end, high – end super soft and just the right amount of THD necessary to recreate a unique and classic atmosphere.

genuine warmth of the tape
Magnetite is our tribute to the sound of magnetic tape recorders. Simply dial the desired amount of heat saturation and gain knob Magnetite recording and add the sonics of analog tape you are looking to mixtures thereof.

Amplifier vintage leveling
The VLA-3A takes aspects of its predecessor and combines it with a discrete solid – state circuit. Still maintains the classic sound of T4 Opto – based, but has a faster, bright and modern answer.

Blueface SC-5
Modeled accurately after the original version of Blueface 70s classic and coveted compressor VCA, the audio plug SC-5 opens up a world of versatility: super soft compression live drums crushed: the Blueface SC-5 handles it all.

Compressor VCA 80s
Faithfully modeled after reviewing his brother 80 blue face, the audio plug Blackface SC-5 offers a slightly darker shade and adds an external side chain input. Super transparent compression for a colorful vocal treatment: Know the Blackface SC-5.

amplifier leveling vintage
Black Rooster Audio is proud to introduce the VLA-2A, the best compressor emulation optoelectronic late sixties. Allow the add – VLA-2A shows the dynamics of their signals a lively and very musical way.

EQ program Vintage
Black Rooster Audio is pleased to present the EQ program RNV-1P, inspired by one of the most famous and famous equalizers history of the study.

Equalizer midrange vintage
plugin VEQ-5 is inspired by one of the most famous and renowned equalizers ever study: focusing on frequencies power range 200 Hz to 7 kHz, is intended to clean and sweeten the voices. But it also does a great job on guitars and keys.

Vintage Filter high / low pass
Built around a cascade of two filters K constants, the analog counterpart VHL-3C – a coveted processor of the early 1950- comprises a completely passive design with very pass filters music and interactive.

Head guitar amp
Looking for a guitar amp emulation super versatile and uncomplicated valve that offers a wide range of tones? But at the same time, you do not want to spend a lot of money? Then you should definitely check our head Cypress TT-15. Get it now, it’s free!

ago sing your drums
Who does not know the phenomenon? He is recording a drummer with drums sound good, but just can not convey the power and impact of your performance with your computer. Canary plugin is here to help.

Version includes free add- ons and although they are free, you must register ( for a free account). So this is time saving 🙂

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