Awesome Mails Pro - May 23, 2019

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Awesome Mails Pro: is a professional designer newsletter and email marketing. Create beautiful interactive emails with photos, elegant fountains and web hyperlinks.

The application comes with several predefined templates and allows you to create new from scratch. Use Awesome Mails Pro is very easy thanks to the simple and organized interface that is divided into the top toolbar, email area and the configuration panel. When you start working on a new project, you can get a preview of each template and choose one that matches your needs.

– Send emails dynamic image format
Multiple options for storing images used in emails, including attachments email, upload to your own web server with a built -in charger or FTP upload to your Dropbox account.
– professionally designed templates As shown in
“Awesome Mails helps you create emails look professional with a simple and intuitive interface.” Included with email templates beautifully designed covering various styles, including Business Classic, Memo, Notes, Marketing, Holiday, Categories, Retail, Invitation and more!

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